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We are suspending our negotiation offering until further notice. Please feel free to continue using our Compensation Insights tool while we are taking a break.

How does it work?

1. You fill a 5-minute application that helps us understand your situation and verify your eligibility

2. We will go over your negotiation options in a 30-minute initial negotiation meeting

3. We stay with you during the negotiation process, helping you throughout all communications with recruiters.

4. You will get a new offer that better values you and your background

5. You let us know how we did throughout the process. If you are satisfied with our service,  we ask you to donate so we can keep the service going

We Help Recent Graduates Negotiate Offers from  

and Many More

Our Insights

We offer insights into the recruiting process and compensation of top technology companies. You can use our compensation insight tool by clicking the button below. The tool allows you to better understand the compensation landscape amongst the top technology companies, such as Facebook, Google, and Apple.

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